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In the year 3333, come to the Mineral Planet Break-Point to test your skill behind the wheel of the Break Point Grand Prix, the deadliest racing tournament in the galaxy. 

Developed as part of Florida Polytechnic University Game Design course in collaboration with Sylver. Game is currently in early stages of development with minimal feature set. Updates to come periodically.

Art and Design by Carlos "Pikethorn" Machado

Programming by Alejandro "Sylver" Ruiz

Music by Christopher "NaN" Medrano (Coming Soon)


Left Analog Stick to Turn

A - Accelerate

B - Break

X - Shoot Energy Bullet

LB - Boost

RB - Restore Shield

Menu - Quick Respawn (Debug)

Install instructions

Current available build is the promotional build for Orlando iX. During the title screen demo video Press "W" on the keyboard to begin gameplay. The race should be played with a Controller, though WASD can perform basic ship movement.


BreakPoint.zip 325 MB

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